I haven't found anything in Spore that I'd call a bug as such, but I've sure
found a few things I'd like to change. Everything on this page is explicitely
placed into the public domain.


  • Three words: Bigger. Cargo. Hold.. With the highest-end cargo hold, carrying enough stuff to T3 a planet and all the types of spice leaves me with one (1) free space. That's moronic.
  • There needs to be a setting for harvesting with the tractor beam. I don't want to throw anything, I don't want to have to hold the mouse button the whole time things are beaming up (or down!) and I certainly don't want the beam to cut off if the mouse happens to pass over one of my ally ships, thus causing all the things I painstakingly collected to be tossed about the landside!
  • New colonies should (possibly optionally) have all their buildings default to the buildings of my homeworld.

Feature Requests

  • I would, of course, like to see the complexity of the Civilization and Space stages increased massively, a la The City Building Game I Want.
  • Failing that, the whole economic takeover thing could be made way more interesting. Even something as simple as economic output of a planet affecting who gets taken over and how fast, so you could actually lose a planet by creating a trade route, and you'd have to balance economic output with happiness.
  • Keybinding control.
  • An option to automatically convert buildings in captured colonies to match my homeworld.

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