R2C2 Guild Wars

This is for a Guild Wars group of my friends; our first initials are
R, R, C and C, hence the page name.

Party Composition

Notes on the characters we've been playing. Feel free to make new characters
at any time, and swap out as you like; we're here to have fun. Just make sure
that whatever character you're playing with has caught up with the rest of the

Party Level

This is just to keep track of where we are so people who miss a session can
keep up without getting too far ahead.

5 May 2008
Anywhere between 7 and 9, inclusive, is fine.
2 June 2008
We're up in the 9-10 range now.
7 July 2008
We're pretty tightly clustered around level 10-11.

First String

Milamber Delarion

He's very E/Mo. (I blame RA for that joke.) 99% Monk in practice;
just using the Elementalist for the wicked energy storage. Big
thing for enchantments.

Pas Revis

A N/Me. Since I purchased the Core Skill Unlock Pack, Pas is now a pure Minionmancer. This should add some much needed melee blockers and DPS to the party. Looks like Billy Idol with scoliosis and dresses like Lex Luthor.


The point of this stuff is to help people who can't make it to a
session keep up. We try not to start any quests we can't finish
with only part of the group.

Completed Quests

Completed General Quests

Completed Class-Specific Quests

Completed Elementalist Quests

Completed Ranger Quests

Completed Monk Quests

Complete Warrior Quests

Started Quests

Deliberately Not Started Quests

Remaining Old Ascalon Post-Searing Quests

We're leaving most of the side quests for people to do on their own
from now on; here's a list.

Also, there's Robin's Personal GW Quest List.

Going To Do As A Group

The Rest

Not Remaining Old Ascalon Post-Searing Quests

Tips & Strategy

General Strategy

Guild Wars requires a bit more strategy (and tactics) than, say, the RSI-inducing click-fest of Diablo. Mobility, range and cooperation all count for a lot, along with a decent understanding of your particular class combination's strengths and weaknesses.

Two good articles to read right off are the Guide to PvE and the Profession Guides. These will help fill in the basics of what each class is best at, and should be doing in a group.



They don't explain it very well, but next time you're in the game, hold left
ctrl and click on things, like your health bar. Very, very useful in a party

Note the "priority target" bit in particular. Not everyone needs to know how
to *set* the party's priority target, but it's a very good idea for everyone to
know how to *switch to* that target, so we're all beating up on the same thing;
it's just the T key by default to target, and then "space" by default to start
attacking them.

Skill Quests
http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/List_of_skill_quests How to get skills without spending skill points
Beginner's Guide
Pre-Searing Guide (basically, a checklist of all the quests)
Pre-Searing Checklist
Secondary Class FAQ (a good list of how each combo plays)
http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Storage For transferring stuff between your characters, or just having more space

Downloading Everything

To have GW download all files, so you don't have to deal with
loading files every time you go to a new place, do this:

  1. Open up Program Files
  2. Double-click on Guild Wars to open up the directory with your guildwars shortcuts in it
  3. Copy the Guild Wars shortcut
  4. Rename it to something like "Update Guild Wars"
  5. Right-click, "Properties", and " -image" to the target, hit OK
  6. Double-click on that, wait for Some Time (hours)

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